Slither Publisher May 10, 2019
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How to play: Use arrow keys or WASD for the movement, shoot enemies with the left mouse or spacebar, move the cursor to aim.

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2D ShooterClassicTank

About is one of the latest Tank IO games online situated in a unique 2D colorful world where you have to fight off hordes of enemy tanks controlled by real human players. is a game that is inspired by, however, it still has its own interesting characteristics which are strong enough to keep people engaged for hours. You have to control your army of tanks attempting to shoot down all enemy tanks before you get eliminated. You must pick up many kills to grow in power and number. Once you become more powerful, the enemies will also get harder to deal with. They are probably weak at first, however, through over time, they become stronger. You should also use some good strategies to get an upper hand on your enemies. Do you think you can build your dominance in this arena? Jump into the action right now then see if you can survive until you climb the leaderboard!

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