Slither Publisher August 15, 2017
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How to play: Use arrow keys or WASD for moving your character. Click left mouse to fire enemies.


Demonstrate that you are the best gunslinger of all in a challenging 2D Shooter IO game called! The game consists of a wide range of weapons for you to select and use, including a pistol, SMG, shotgun, assault, sniper, and LMG. You can even customize your gunfighter by picking a color and putting armor on it before jumping in the arena. You are supposed to direct your character around the vast map carefully to shoot down all your opponents. Be sure to dodge their bullets, use the blocks to cover up yourself when you’re unable to deal with their attacks. If you get hit, you will be destroyed instantly, and the goal of reaching the top rank on the leaderboard will be gone! Try to stay focused on the battle, defend yourself all the time, survive as long as possible then you can dominate! You’re ready? Let’s begin the battle now!

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