Slither Publisher April 23, 2019
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How to play: Use keys ASD to move and press the spacebar to jump.

About BulletLeague.io


BulletLeague.io is a new 2D Shooter game that can take the Battle Royale genre to the next level. It’s all about kill or be killed, so prepare yourself for this awesome battle right now. You will compete against many opponents from across the world. You must shoot your way to the skies, knock all enemies out of the arena, and give them no chances to attack you. There are plenty of discrepant weapons you can find on the ground, then you can use them to deal damage to others. Some weapons like the miniguns and rocket launchers can give you an advantage. If you know how to use them wisely, you will get an upper hand on others easily. But in case you get stuck, don’t worry about this because, with the building system, you can get out of sticky situations easily or use it to stop chasing enemies. Do you think you will become the ultimate fighting champion in BulletLeague.io? Play it now!

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