Slither Publisher May 8, 2020
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How to play: Choose WASD o move your player, Space to land, LMB to attack, Shift to run, Z/X/C to select wall types, RMB to drop blocks, 1-5 to switch items, Enter to chat, E to show your action

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2D ShooterIo Games

About CrazyBattle


CrazyBattle is a free 2D MMO shooter iO game set in a crazy arena. Everybody will be delivered to a distant island. Quickly land on the area that you want and choose the playstyle you love. It is feasible to experience the match unblocked aggressively or evade conflict! There are a lot of ideal spots to hide and ambush. More importantly, you must survive as long as possible. Staying alive at the end of the round will be the key that helps you take over the leaderboard. Are you ready to play CrazyBattle online with multiple enemies at once? Aside from avoiding explosive barrels and optimize them to blow up somebody, you are also recommended to search for good weapons and unlock every upgrade. Further, you should mine trees, approach abandoned houses or cars to collect wood, bricks, and iron. They are resources to build walls. Opt for the favorite game mode and parachute now!

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