Slither Publisher April 6, 2019
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How to play: Aim at enemies using the mouse, click the left mouse to fire, use the spacebar to shoot missiles.

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2D ShooterFree For All


Do you have what it takes to conquer – another epic 2D Shooter free for all IO game? Come to join it now for another brutal combat between you and other online opponents. You take on the role of a world-war-2 dogfighter whose mission is to survive all dangers around him. You are armed with a machine gun, some missiles as well as your own iron. Therefore, you have to make the most out of them when trying to cope with the foes and make sure all foes are completely wiped out before they eliminate you. Make an attempt to collect as many kills as possible so you can boost up your rank to the top of the leaderboard, which turns you into the best dogfighter in this arena, and this is also your main goal in Are you up for this mission? Jump into it now then present your best skills to the whole world!

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