Slither Publisher July 29, 2017
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How to play: Control your airplane using arrow keys or keys WASD. Click left mouse button for firing, and the right mouse button is used for releasing bombs.

About is one of the latest 2D Shooter IO games that is free for all ages. Let’s play it now to experience awesome challenges. You take on a role of a cunning pilot that wants to take out anything standing in your way. Move your plane around the playfield, aim and shoot down all other pilots before they kill you. You have to prepare your tactics so you can deal with their attacks, also, just make sure that your plane is always well protected, or else it will be a doom for you. Do not ignore the power-ups that are spreading over the arena. If you pick up the blue brick, you will gain more experience. The green pills will help you retrieve your energy, and with the gold collected, you are able to fire a lot of deadly bombs. Be sure to stay watchful for the surroundings, dodge all red bullets, kill more enemies and climb the top.

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