Slither Publisher April 18, 2019
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How to play: Control your dragron using the mouse.

About Drakes.io


Drakes.io lets you take control of a giant dragon and navigate your way through a big map where you will finish off all enemies from across the world in an epic fire-breathing action 2D Shooter game that is free for all. At first, your dragon is very small in size, so you have to make it larger by destroying as many objects as possible. Feel free to deal damage to everything just to increase your size, and once you get larger, you can jump into a clash to beat all enemies. During the course of the fight, try your hardest to elude the fire from other dragons. If you get shot by their attacks, you will be burned down and wiped out of the arena, causing the game to be over. If you get killed, the game will be restarted from scratch. For every game you play, you should try out a nice random dragon skin to make your character more outstanding! Your main goal in Drakes.io is to become the best player! Give it a shot now!

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