Slither Publisher April 24, 2019
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How to play: Use the mouse to control your ship, Left mouse to shoot, Right mouse to deploy abilities

Category game:
2D Shooter

About Galaxystrife


Galaxystrife is a new Free For All shooting game which is set in a 2D map. It is about a match in space where you have to fight against multiple enemies at once. The main aim that you need to complete within that challenge is to destroy as many ships as possible. Each time your target explodes, your rank will be increased and you can approach the top spot sooner.

Galaxystrife provides intense and fast-paced battles. It’s best to master your movements while flying to dodge bullets from every side, with lethal shrapnel and explosions. Once you survive, you will have the chance to climb up to the position on the leaderboard that you want. Projectiles will be released constantly. So, act up cautiously! Besides, it’s simple to see weapons across Galaxystrife, together with special abilities, and energy orbs which are left from fallen foes. You’d better gather them to upgrade your fighting skill. Are you ready to join and conquer the ranking? Good luck!

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