Gang Warz

Slither Publisher May 24, 2019
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How to play: Strike WASD or Arrows to move, G to drop items, Left mouse to use Press the mouse buttons to drive, W to control its ability, Space bar to stop turning, Esc to exit the vehicle

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2D ShooterTeamUpgrades

About Gang Warz

Gang Warz

Gang Warz unblocked ís a great 2D shooter. It is available for you to experience the new adventure by yourself or with a team! Just discover the map your way and become the best gangster as soon as possible! It is necessary to roam throughout the streets of the city to find some vehicles or weapons. They will boost up your movement speed and help you increase the winning chance. Not only that, every player in Gang Warz including you is recommended to unlock upgrades for a short time because they will take an important role to dominate the leaderboard. Be careful! The enemy can appear suddenly and slay you whenever if you do not know how to dodge their attacks or escape. It is also essential to search for proper strategies to improve your own survival ability. Are you willing to involve in that interesting playfield and rule the ranking? Hop into the arena and prove your capability now! Good luck!

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