Slither Publisher August 24, 2017
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How to play: Keys WASD or arrow keys are used for controlling your character around. Click left mouse to shoot, use key R for reloading. Tap spacebar to utilize modern power-ups.


Enjoy one of the latest 2D Shooter IO games called to conquer new tough challenges now! The game will take you to a vast filled with a bunch of players from around the world. You will have to move through dangers, perform your skills and strategies to fight off all others in order to increase your points. Then, you can spend them on many new perks as well as special skills. The game features various perks that you can choose your favorite ones to match your play style. When you are outsmarted by the enemies, you should utilize the objects spreading over the map as your cover. This will help you elude their deadly attacks. Always be on the lookout for the surroundings! You can go to a specific square in the middle of the map to get more points. However, it’s very deadly! Hence, you must protect yourself all the time. Give it a shot now then see how long you can stay alive!

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