Slither Publisher May 18, 2019
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How to play: Use WASD to control your slime, click the mouse to place slime blobs or buy stuff in shops.

About SlimeMaze.Io


In an awesome 2D Shooter game called SlimeMaze.Io, you will get through various interesting challenges while attempting to complete a tough maze. At the beginning of the game, you spawn in the lobby area, but when you leave it, a big maze will be in front of you. Now, you need to make your way through the maze and attempt to reach the end of it to conquer this adventure. When you take some first steps, you will notice some blobs of slime. They are all left by other previous slimes controlled by real human players. These blobs can act as a guide leading you to the right path, or they can make you fall into dead ends. You should think carefully before following those blobs. In addition, you can also leave your slime blobs, which just takes you 15 seconds to do so. Also, on your way, you will have a chance to uncover some secrets of the maze. Are you willing to partake in this awesome adventure? Let keep you entertained for hours!

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