Slither Publisher July 26, 2017
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How to play: Control your spaceship around the arena using the mouse. Press spacebar to make a speed boost. Click LMB to fire standard lasers, and use the RMB to utilize extra weapons.


Play a Multiplayer 2D Shooter game called and take this chance to perform your abilities now! You will fly around the galaxy with your spaceship to carry out a mission which is killing all of your opponents and asteroids that are around you. With a lot of powerful weapons you have, make sure that you will use them wisely to change your targets into the dust. In addition to this, you are supposed to gather extra devices as well as new weapons in order to improve your ship. Making it stronger than ever always brings you a lot of advantages. If you’re lucky to have missiles or plasma gun, you won’t have to fear any enemies! Those two weapons make you a boss! Always stay focused on your task, collect enough dust from asteroids, attempt to survive as long as possible then you will be able to dominate the arena. Good luck!

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