Squadd Royale

Slither Publisher December 25, 2018
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How to play: Use WASD or arrow keys for controlling your character. Click the left mouse to assault or shoot. Use the right mouse for opening emoticons list. Press key E to change weapons or enter a vehicle. Use key F for using the health kit. Press key M for opening the map and use key R to reload. 

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2D ShooterFree For All

About Squadd Royale

Squadd Royale

Squadd Royale drops you in a big battlefield where you have to fight for your survival. Start jumping out of an airplane, descend on the ground and start finding some weapons. You need to collect them then use them to shoot down enemies before they attack you. Be careful with the safe zone that keeps reducing in size, and do not get caught in the danger zone, or else your health will be decreased. You must stay alive until the end of the fight to become the ultimate winner!

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