Slither Publisher January 19, 2021
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How to play: You can use both laptops, computers and mobile phones to enjoy this wonderful game, but we would like to recommend you play it on your computer and laptop.

About SuperCTF

SuperCTF is an arena shooting game with multiplayer, where you will get to team up with other players and work to capture the enemies’ flag, it will never get boring. Overall, this is definitely a game interesting enough for you to entertain and have a lot of fun.

SuperCTF Multiplayer is an online MOBA game with many attractions: from many classes for you to choose from, guns, abilities, to various kinds of the map (each of them has special power-up), and don’t forget about many diverse and special strategies for your team to use. And what makes this game even more excited? There is a ranked leaderboard that shows the top 80 players on the front page of this game, and they also update it constantly! maybe one day you can see your name on it. Don’t worry about the mouse pad, it works just fine. You will control your character using a keyboard and mouse.

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