Time Shooter 2

Slither Publisher June 6, 2022
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How to play: Control the character's movement with WASD buttons or arrow buttons Use left mouse to shoot and pick up weapons, right click to throw weapons

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2D Shooter

About Time Shooter 2

Time Shooter 2

Plunge into battles in Time Shooter 2 to prove your mastery of guns. Enemies appear everywhere with powerful weapons, are you confident in your ability to survive?

First-person shooter games are not too strange, but have you ever experienced shooting with slow-motion effects? If not, Time Shooter 2 unblocked will be a perfect choice for you. This game exploits attractive gun battles in a very interesting slow-motion style. You can take advantage of this to dodge damage from enemies easily.

You will control your character to move around to pick up the most suitable weapons. Then, enter the areas where the enemies appear and try to take them down with critical shots. Of course, they will fight back, so you need to control your actions well to ensure safety.

Like most Survival 3D games, Time Shooter 2 offers a diverse weapon system with many different uses. Anything you see on the map can be a weapon, so use them to attack enemies. In some special levels, you will get unlimited ammo or immortality to complete the challenge.

Besides attacking the enemy, you should ensure the safety of your character in this shooting game. You should check your surroundings before starting to move, choose the right weapon for each situation, and more. Get ready to conquer all levels in this game by defeating every enemy.

Play Time Shooter 2 online, you will become a super soldier and fight all the enemies in front of you alone. The notable highlight of this game is the diverse weapon system along with slow-motion effects. In general, you should try playing the game even once to get a better overview.

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