Slither Publisher August 24, 2017
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How to play: Move around the playfield using keys WASD. Click left mouse button to assault enemies.

About Zomzom.io


Zomzom.io is a wonderful yet very challenging IO game online where you must survive the hordes of zombies as well as wicked robbers. In the game, you have to craft a lot of items, construct many houses, keep them secure all the time as well as grow your weapons through over time. You can wander around the map to search for more precious resources, then utilize them wisely to your advantage. All of those principal tasks will help you fight off the zombies easily. However, things can go beyond your control if you don’t focus on the battle or underestimate the enemies. You’re highly recommended to prepare your strategies and employ good abilities to deal with all waves of enemies. Keep an eye on the robbers too. They can assault you anytime they have a chance, especially when you’re caught off guard. The game goal is to survive longer! Give it a try now!

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