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How to play: Move your mouse as you like to expand your colors on the map

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About 3D 3D

You can play Paper io 3D online no download and enjoy relaxing painting hours. This is the playground to compete online and your task is to survive as long as you can.

Do not hesitate to join the online battlefield where you have to survive with other players. You need to expand your colors to every place to be the biggest on the map. The big is your advantage to compete with the opponent, helping to prolong the survival time. So how to achieve that in this multiplayer io online game?

The gameplay is quite simple as you just need to move the mouse to expand your colors. But you need to be careful not to collide with other people’s colors or you will have to play from the beginning. However, you can also attack other people in this io game to get attractive loot.

Besides, your moving area is limited. You can only move within the white area and cannot go outside of this area. So the competition will be quite high because others are always trying to take the most territory. Therefore, the outcome of winning or losing sometimes only takes a few minutes to decide.

The gameplay of 3 3D is really relaxing and fun, isn’t it? But perhaps you will also love its simple and delicate design. It brings a colorful experience space so you can’t take your eyes off the screen. Moreover, the cheerful and soothing background music will help you relieve any stress while playing.

So 3D unblocked is always a great choice for online browsing entertainment. It’s great that you can play right away without and without paying anyone. Come here and show your strategy to conquer the game with your colors!

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