Time Shooter 3 SWAT

Slither Publisher July 6, 2022
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How to play: Control the character to move with the arrow button system or WASD Left-click to shoot/pick up weapons and right click to throw weapons

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About Time Shooter 3 SWAT

Time Shooter 3 SWAT

Time Shooter 3: SWAT has officially launched after the success of the game Time Shooter 2. This version still inherits the advantages and improves some important features.

In this Zombies Shooter game, you will continue to control a special guy who fights against waves of enemies. They are terrorists with the ability to use weapons skillfully and have powerful defensive equipment. Therefore, you need to show your talent if you don’t want to be defeated easily.

Initially, the bandits were relatively weak with the help of rudimentary weapons. This is the stage where you will begin to access how the game works, so focus on killing all enemies. Do not forget to check the surroundings every time you move to ensure the safety of the character.

Choosing the right weapon for each mission will be an important factor to help you increase your victory rate. This game offers a lot of weapons with different stats for you to choose from more easily. Besides, the appearance of some support equipment such as an anti-riot shield will help you be safer from attacks.

The next highlight of this game is the use of slow motion to help you feel everything more vividly. Each shot from the character or enemy will become slow, you can rely on that to dodge and make appropriate strategies. In addition, some new features will make the experience more enjoyable.

Time Shooter 3: SWAT unblocked with the most complete and engaging content on our site. You can log in to the browser on your device and experience the game right now. Wish you have moments of exciting experience with this first-person shooter game.

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