has fairly classic and simple gameplay, but it still has its appeal, now you no longer have to play alone.

The player can play free online on, however this website is not the official game of Our website has its own extension set up to make the game play more enjoyable for every players. We regularly update the latest interesting io games on our website, which make you want to spend your time on. Let’s come and play with us! There are hundred of exciting games are waiting for you!

When did release?

March 25, 2016.

Where to play the game? online can be played both on your computer or your phone.

  • On your computer, you can control your snake by using your mouse.
  • On your phone, you can use your fingers to control your snake.

How to play on

In, you will start as a short and cute snake, trying to gain size while taking down the other players’ snakes. There are tons of food around the map for your snake to eat and grow stronger, or you can just eat the other snakes. But Unlocked is not a safe world. Even when you are a relatively giant snake ( or maybe the biggest one on the map), other bigger/smaller snakes can still eat you. Everything is about your paths. If you want to defeat other snakes, you have to make the head of their snake collide with your body while avoiding crashing into someone else. It is essential to remember that once a snake dies, it will turn into the amount of food that they have to eat, you can make your snake move fast by pressing on your left mouse, but you have to use it wisely because every time your snake move quickly, it will lose some food orb, and be shorten. So move fast, grown more muscular, and don’t let your hard-working become someone else’s.

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