Alien Slither Snake

Slither Publisher August 13, 2021
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How to play: Use LEFT MOUSE to control the snake anywhere

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Agario Style

About Alien Slither Snake

Alien Slither Snake

Alien Slither Snake is a classic snake control game that used to be very hot in the gaming community. You can now play it online with a new setting and unique characters.

In the Alien Slither Snake unblocked, you will own an alien snake. You will travel across the solar system and swallow tiny planets. Planets are great food for your snake to grow over time. Also, do you see other snakes? They are your delicious bait!

You will start from a small snake and find ways to grow up. As you get older, you can master every playground where there are thousands of other players. This game is endless, because it has no end. Until you fail, the new level ends. But you can join thousands of different levels when you play Alien Slither Snake game online. You will unlock new levels after each victory. So, you can conquer the Alien Slither Snake game to score achievements.

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