Slither Publisher August 21, 2017
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How to play: Use the mouse to move your fish around the map. Click left mouse button to assault, and merge your small fish into big ones by using the right mouse button.

About Oceanar.io


Oceanar.io is a wonderful yet challenging ocean-themed IO game that sets in an underwater world ruled by anglerfish. You will control your own anglerfish around the map to hunt for lots of foods that are floating around, then attempt to collect more smaller fish in order to grow your army which will give you a better defense. Be sure that you will stay away from the players that have stronger armies than you do, otherwise, they will kill you easily, which brings your journey to an end immediately. Keep developing your fish army, make it stronger than ever, control them carefully then let them wipe out your smaller enemies. The larger your fish army is, the higher score you will earn, which gradually increases your rank on the leaderboard. The game even allows you to combine your smaller fish into bigger ones too. Use this to your advantage! Enjoy the game now and have fun!

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