Slither Publisher July 24, 2019
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How to play: Move the cell using the mouse, throw out some mass using key W, split the cell using the spacebar or key 1, split 2 times using key D or 2, split 3 times using key A or key 3, do a trick split using key Shift, do the line split using key Z, and toggle the zoom using the mouse wheel scroll. 

Category game:
Agario Style

About Popsplit.us


Popsplit.us unblocked is a new Agar.io clone but with more awesome features. With the same rules, you will understand the Popsplit.us gameplay easily. You start as a small cell and try your best to eat more other cells on the map to increase your size. Eat any smaller enemies that come in your way while dodging the bigger ones! Keep growing, eating, earning more mass and get to the highest spot on the leaderboard. Enjoy Popsplit.us free game now!

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