Slither Publisher August 28, 2017
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How to play: Use the mouse to gather the star dust and develop your orbit. Run and dash into the enemies by clicking the left mouse.

About is a new Space-themed Multiplayer game in the IO games series. You will spawn in the game arena as a tiny and defenseless star that is trying to the best and the strongest one in the entire solar system. You need to fly around this galaxy to gather a bunch of star dust in order to become stronger and obtain more upgrades. The earned star dust will help grow your orbit which will assist you to draw the attention to other players as well as bring you many great power-ups. When you bump into enemies, make sure you will dash and hit them to wipe them out. You can even take away the star dust from bigger players, however, you should do that with good tactics, or else you will be destroyed easily. You should only dash when you feel a need to impale, because your star dust will be decreased if you dash. Your main goal is to survive and rule the playfield!

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