Steve’s World

Slither Publisher November 11, 2022
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How to play: Player 1: Arrow keys are for the movement. Z is for jumping. X for launching a fireball. Player 2: WASD are for the movement K is for jumping J is for launching a fireball.

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Agario Style

About Steve’s World

Steve’s World

Steve’s World is an adventure platformer game featuring an iconic hero. His name is Steve and he is in need of your help to complete levels as well as gather gold and items.

Steve’s World is full of obstacles and enemies that you need to vanquish

This pixel HTML5 game brings you an interesting yet challenging adventure. You enter the arena and then start an adventure on platforms. Then, you control Steve as well as help him jump over the platforms.

Steve's World Pixel Game
Steve’s World Pixel Game

Use your skills to fight against enemies in Steve’s World

There are lots of enemies that you have to fight against as you help Steve vanquish the platforms. Since the enemies are on the platforms, you need to avoid them. Besides, you also have to gather gold and items on your way.

Try not to touch any enemies! You can jump on them to defeat them, which is the same as the mechanic you played in Mario games. Don’t forget to smash the star blocks for bonus items such as coins, a cape, lives, and fireballs.

Steve’s World unblocked takes you on an amazing adventure so you can perform your skills.

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