Slither Publisher June 17, 2019
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How to play: Move your swarm using keys WASD or arrow keys. Aim with the cursor, press key Enter to chat or submit a message and use the spacebar or the left mouse to fire.

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About Swaarm.io


Swaarm.io free is a tank game with Agar.io style. The game opens a new 2D world full of tanks, where players have to compete against each other to form the largest swarm of tanks in the entire arena. You spawn at a random location in the map with a very small swarm fo 2-3 tanks. The weakness and smallness cannot solve anything here, therefore, you need to grow the size of your swarm by killing a lot of roaming bots around the arena as well as hunting down weaker enemies. By defeating them, you will easily grow in numbers and powers. Just watch out for the tough attacking bots prowling the map. You should think carefully before engaging in any fight with them, or else you will be the one that gets destroyed. Can you climb the top of the leaderboard with the best swarm of tanks? Enjoy Swaarm.io game!

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