Slither Publisher June 7, 2019
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How to play: Speed up your worm using the mouse or key Q. Stop the worm using key W, press key E to become invisible and keys 1-5 to use a smiley.

About Wormax2.io


For those who are the fans of Wormax.io, then they surely get crazier about Wormaxe2.io unblocked. The second chapter is finally out in your browser, so step into it now to begin a new worm adventure. Wormax2.io free brings you addictive gameplay with various upgraded features. The game goal is still the same, but the challenges become more difficult. You play as a little worm slithering your way through a huge map full of fruits. You need to collect them as much as you can to grow your size. If you are not ready for any conflicts, make sure you stay away from your opponents and try not to run into them. But when you feel completely confident, there is no reason to say no to the encounters, right? Just take advantage of your big body to encircle other worms, block their movement by bypassing them using your speed boost and quickly cut them off. Wormax2.io proudly serves you with more enemy encounters where you can have your skills tested.

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