Slither Publisher August 30, 2017
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How to play: Use key W, or up arrow key or R2 for thrusting around. Press keys A/D or left/right arrow keys to turn. Tap spacebar or L2 for shooting. Press key Q to change the weapon, key B to look back. Key T to open chat, key P for toggling first person, and key G for a screen grab.


Try a new Space-themed IO game called now! You play as a spaceship controller who will fly around the galaxy to wipe out a bunch of deadly waves of enemies before you get killed. Every kill you have will give you 1000 bits. You must use them to customize as well as buy a lot of ships. Try to unlock as many ships as possible so you can dominate the entire arena. Just like other browser-based Multiplayer game, this one also allows you to team up with others. So, just feel free to make some excellent teamwork in order to get rid of tougher enemies, especially bigger ones that can kill you with just a couple of shots. In addition, you need to prepare your strategies in advance all the time. This will help you counterattack your enemies easily. Kick off the game now and try to conquer this adventure!

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