Friday Night Funkin’ vs Mario v2

Slither Publisher October 12, 2021
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How to play: Click the arrows on the keyboard at the right time to complete the musical melody

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About Friday Night Funkin’ vs Mario v2

Friday Night Funkin' vs Mario v2

FNF Mario v2 unblocked brings you to the fun musical competition between BF and Mario. So, it’s great to see unprecedented screens in the world of FNF games, isn’t it?

Too familiar when it comes to FNF – the famous classical music game around the world. But have you ever witnessed the competition between FNF Boyfriend and Mario? If not, start it now with FNF Mario v2 and play through the 3 most exciting songs. The plumber is challenging you to tough music nights, so do you want to join? Show your playing skills with the arrows and conquer the tracks from easy to difficult in levels.

The ability to play well depends not only on mastering the manipulations but also on your ability to feel music. So you should focus on listening to the tunes through the arrows running on the screen. Don’t miss any arrow if you don’t want to lose points playing FNF Mario v2 full week. Three songs including Overworld, Bob-Ombs and Athletic are ready to play now.

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