Slither Publisher April 17, 2019
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How to play: Use the left mouse button to select sides and shape squares

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About 3plus1.io


3plus1.io is a classic strategy game which is free for all ages to play online. It will be controlled by 2-6 players. The mission is to form and occupy as many squares as possible. If you complete that target, you will become the winner. Aside from joining 3plus1.io with another strange rival, you are able to challenge with your friends in private rooms. In turn, each of you will have to choose carefully to formalize the side of a tile on the grid before you own that block. In 3plus1.io, you are given 15 seconds to dominate one position of an item. if you act up slowly, your opponent can continue. When you have done, you cannot return. Depend on your color, it will be highlighted the same. They will offer points. In case you are the one who finishes the most areas, you can conquer the stage. Currently, you are allowed to engage in Party Mode. Hope you enjoyed!

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