Slither Publisher June 1, 2020
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How to play: Move the shark by using the mouse cursor, Left Mouse or Space to boost speed

About is a new ocean-themed io game. Explore a strange arena full of water and defend your little shark against all of the opponents. Try to survive and take over the top spot as soon as possible! Play free online you should hunt smaller rivals and run away from bigger animals! It is useful for you to keep living and increase your score! Don’t forget to eat colored pieces scattered across the map of unblocked! It is effective to enlarge and have more chances to swallow the target easier! Boosting your movement speed must be performed promptly or you can get troubles with predators when you cannot escape. Don’t let anybody chase behind you or you will be eaten in a wink! However, you can smash someone that is the same size as you without losing the mass. Note! It’s really dangerous to hit the edge of the playfield! Have fun!

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