Slither Publisher June 12, 2018
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How to play: Move around the map using keys WASD. Click left mouse button to fly.


Be a smart fly in an engaging classic RPG game called! You spawn as a fly that has to fly around the map to hunt for a lot of food and fight off all enemies for survival. It’s not easy to get through all challenges in this wild world, especially when you have to confront with many animals and players from around the world. Try to use your skills to defeat all of them while protecting yourself. Make a great progress, increase your level and finally, you can transform into brand new animals that are much stronger. Keep an eye on the predators of each animal! Killing you is very easy to them, so they won’t be hesitant to do that. You have to watch out for your opponents if you don’t want to become a tasty prey. Let’s play and see if you stay alive in the wild or not! Good luck!

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