Slither Publisher March 8, 2019
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How to play: Move around using WASD. Click the left mouse for placing a building or doing an action. Use the right mouse on the pipe icon to rotate it, and use arrow keys for using the tool shortcut. 

Category game: Style


The main objective of game is to have gallons of water for ruling the arena. Let’s give this Style a try now then see if you will be able to achieve that big goal. The game allows online players to play together in the same arena. They must move around the map carefully trying to gather as many resources as possible and make sure all of their bases are completely safe. You will have to put your effort into gathering as much water as possible since this is the main resource in the game. Try your best to generate many water pumps to obtain it. Also, you must keep in mind that the ponds you pump the water from will have a limited supply, therefore, make sure they are exploited wisely. After depleting one pond, you will go onto the next one faster. Do not let any enemies attack your base or steal your water. You should create multiple strategic bases and defend all ponds for having a bunch of water. Can you outsmart all other players? Enjoy the game!

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