Slither Publisher January 8, 2021
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How to play: you can move by using WASD or the arrow buttons and jumping by using the space button. Your mouse is to control your view.

About Hexafall.io


Hexafall.io is an exciting Battle Royale io Game with regime multiplayer ( one battle can start with 10 players at the same time). All the hexagons that you touch will disappear after a while.

Hexafall.io Free Online is a composite game from classic arena games like Fall Guys (Hex-a-gone!) and Minecraft mods. If you like “the last man standing, the winner takes all” kind of game, then this is the right one for you. Your biggest goal is to be the last survivor, the final winner. And how are you going to do it? By destroying the blocks that your enemies might use and walking over the path that your enemies can go, and of course, staying on top is also one of your goals. Overall, this is definitely a game interesting enough for you to entertain and have a lot of fun.

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