Slither Publisher August 24, 2017
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How to play: Control the player around the map using arrow keys. Shoot the ball with spacebar, use your boosts with key Z and send the ball to your teammate using key X.

About one of the latest Football-themed IO games online allowing you to work as a team to play against other opposing teams from around the world. When the match starts, you have to move around the playfield, fight off all the enemies, snatch the ball from the rivals then quickly shoot it in the correct net to score more goals. Your teammates are always beside you, hence, you guys must make some excellent teamwork to surpass the opponents as well as defeat them all easily. Be sure to present your excellent sports skills, or you can even develop your own smart strategies too. The team that achieves four goals along with a 2 goal lead will become the ultimate winning team of the game. You can choose your favorite modes before starting the match, including normal, tournament and private room. Hope you have a blast with it! Wish you luck!

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