Experience a dangerous job within a week in Five Nights At Jacobs Demo and conquer the new horror FNAF fangame! Try to defend from animatronics and survive!

Slither Publisher
March 22, 2020
Five Nights At Jacobs Demo

Download Five Nights At Jacobs DEMO for free and hop into a dark building as in Five Nights at Freddy’s! It is the moment that you embark on a strange adventure by yourself. To become the winner, you must stay alive. Note! It is not an easy mission and you can be attacked whenever during your story. Players in Five Nights At Jacobs will have to defend themselves against multiple scary animatronic creatures roaming. They will find every way to break into your space to catch you. Do not let them seize any opportunity to do that or you will be killed! Alike with the latest FNAF games on Gamejolt, there are some tools available to use. However, you should pay attention to power. It can be limited. While playing the current version, you are also waiting for the official release of the full game. Remember to follow and share it with your buddies!

Download Five Nights At Jacobs Demo