Slither Publisher April 13, 2019
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How to play: Direct your bot's movement using arrow keys or WASD. Use the left mouse, right mouse or spacebar to assault. 

About is actually a fun 2D Shooter game for all players to master. If you want to experience a game that is crazier and tougher, then this IO game can be a nice choice for you. It pits you against other foes in the arena, and you will compete for becoming the King. With a single bot in your hands, you must direct its movement wisely, add some exclusive to it by picking from more than 20 various skills. Your bot has to become the most outstanding bot in combat. When you want to deal more damage to your opponents, you can use different combinations of the chosen abilities and your bot will not be afraid of any players. Try your hardest to vanquish everything standing in your way while keeping the bot alive for as long as possible. The crown of the King must belong to you! In, you also experience stunning graphics with awesome effects, as well as funnier gameplay. Give it a shot now!

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