Slither Publisher May 17, 2019
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How to play: Use the left mouse to walk, press the right mouse to sprint, use the spacebar to become a fake tree.

About dinoman.io


Dinoman.io – a fantastic and fun-addicting free game online is set in a huge arena where you play as a spinning dinosaur trying to collect eggs and kill all enemies. Since you are spinning all the time, you can easily rush at your opponents then wipe them out quickly before they are able to attack you back. There are plenty of eggs scattered across the ground, you need to collect as many eggs as possible to level up yourself and purchase more upgrades. There are three kinds of upgrades: size, spin rate, and sprint time. Once you level up, you will become a stronger dinosaur. If you want to ambush other players, turn yourself into a fake tree. But if you want to dodge tougher enemies, then go hide under real trees. Make sure all of your moves and action will be done in a strategical way to outplay your enemies. Dinoman.io is playable online for free in a browser with a multiplayer element. Will you try it? Good luck!

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