Fall Bros

Slither Publisher October 22, 2020
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How to play: Use WASD to move your character and use the spacebar to jump.

About Fall Bros

Fall Bros

Fall Bros is an io game with unique gameplay. Players have to fight one another and survive in a world full of challenges. Play it now for free!

This battle royale io game pits bros against each other. You have to prepare your skills and make use of them to outplay your opponents. As you move around the map, try to watch your surroundings because other bros want to knock you as they attempt to reach their way to the victory. On your way, make sure you jump over gaps, dodge sliding doors, falling bricks, and other obstacles, for instance, dangerous spikes and even bodies. You may find it challenging to reach your targeted destination. Hence, you should prepare strategies with tactics to conquer all dangers around you. Run faster to the front of the line for your crown! Everybody aims to get crowned, so do you! Play Fall Bros game online!

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