Slither Publisher March 18, 2019
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How to play: The mouse is used for control and movement. Click the left mouse to shoot fireballs at enemies.


Being a little cute star in a huge arena is so fun, but it will be much funnier if the star will shoot flame! Play game right now to experience this fantastic challenge. You take on the role of a cute yet terrifying star who must fire flames and hunt down many opponents in a big gridded arena. To win this, you have to accumulate as many points as possible. Gathering points can be done by absorbing numerous dots that are being scattered across the map. When you collect points, you must watch out for your surroundings as the enemies can attack you anytime. They are also gathering points just like you, making the competition much harder to conquer. You need to finish them off first and defend yourself at the same time. Soaking damage is not good at all since you can meet your doom easily. Try to play with good strategies as well as fast reflexes to outplay all opponents in Are you ready? Good luck to you!

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