Slither Publisher October 28, 2020
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How to play: Control the fidget spinner in the game using the mouse.


Play game for free! This io game is set in an arena full of candy. You have to fight against other players and beat them all to dominate it.

The main goal in unblocked is to become the largest fidget spinner. You have to spin through the map trying to get as many glowing orbs as possible. The more orbs you pick up, the bigger you will become. Then, you must get ready to defeat your opponents. Since the arena is full of opponents that want to defeat you and get your orbs, you have to be more careful when you make your way through it. If you take damage from them, you will lose your orbs and they will be ejected. Avoid dangers, play tactically, as well as fight your way to the top! Show your skills in online now then see if you conquer it!

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