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How to play: Use the mouse to move around the map to capture an area.

About Hexar.io


To conquer all the challenges as well as beat your opponents in Hexar.io game, you need to be a patient player with excellent abilities. Hexar.io is an awesome multiplayer game that is free to access online. It was a hit mobile game, and now it finally comes to PC. You will earn a huge amount of fun playing it! In the game, you have to roam through the map trying to capture as many blocks as possible by enclosing an area. By doing so, your territory will become much larger through over time, and you must defend it against other players at all costs. You need to pay attention to your surroundings as somebody may try to steal your space or even finish you off by hitting your trail. Therefore, you must defend your trail while capturing an area. You can attempt to kill them using the same method. The main goal of this IO game is to become the largest mass of land! Wish you luck!

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