Hidden Spots – Jewelry

Slither Publisher March 22, 2022
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How to play: Click on the location to find the jewelry in the pictures

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About Hidden Spots – Jewelry

Hidden Spots – Jewelry

You can play Hidden Spots Jewelry Game now and test your observation skills in 10 levels. Many jewels are in different areas, you need to find them before time runs out.

Your task in Hidden Spots Jewelry unblocked is to find items that are somewhere in the pictures. Observe carefully, find their location and click to finish. But if you find the wrong place, you will lose 10 seconds for every wrong click. So you should only click to reply when trusting enough.

The game will give you 10 levels of finding objects, corresponding to 10 pictures that you can explore. The pictures don’t look much different, but the challenge for you of course changes. The difficulty of the levels will increase to challenge your experience. So you also need to play better to complete the level with a great score.

At the bottom bar, you will see a menu of jewelry items that you must search. The picture will display in the center, making it easy to observe and convenient to operate. Simply clicking on the correct location will remove an item from the menu. Just like that, if you clear them all, you win.

It’s too easy to approach but not easy to win. This hidden object game requires you to spend a lot of time observing and finding the correct answer for each item. Time in each level is limited and will decrease more if you are wrong.

Hidden Spots Jewelry also has an online leaderboard for you to compete with other players. You can save your top score and see all players’ record scores when you click “High Scores”.

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