Kingdom of Pixels

Slither Publisher December 20, 2021
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How to play: Jump with W, A/S button to go left and right, D to drop down. Basic attack with J button / left click. K / Ctrl to cast 1st ability and L / Alt to cast 2nd skill.

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About Kingdom of Pixels

Kingdom of Pixels

Kingdom of Pixels is a game of the MOBA genre but a lot simpler in many respects. If you want to experience a game with simpler graphics, namely pixels, then choose it.

The way Kingdom of Pixels unblocked works is similar to today’s regular MOBA games. But instead of players having to fight in many different ways or coordinate well with teammates, this game will be simpler. Specifically, you just need to choose one hero in each battle and try to defeat the opponent’s defense tower. Remember that items can only be purchased in the early stages of the game, so choose carefully. You will need the help of the soldiers in your team, move with them to ensure that your character is always safe.

Play Kingdom of Pixels free online, you should save a certain amount of gold to buy healing potions. Their effect is to help the character maintain a state of excitement and stay as long as possible in different stages of the battle. There are quite a few strategies to help you win in this game that we cannot cover fully. So, enjoy Kingdom of Pixels for yourself, one of the best strategy free for all of the moment.

Besides, this 2D multiplayer game also allows players to freely choose the appropriate game modes. With 1vs1 mode, you will have to face a single opponent and try to destroy his crystal tower to win. Or you can also interact with teammates through 2vs2 mode on a larger scale, but at the same time, the match time will be a bit longer. According to statistics, the average time of each match in the game is 15 minutes.

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