Slither Publisher March 7, 2019
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How to play: Control your snake using the arrow keys. Speed it up by pressing the spacebar.


Are you ready for a new Slither Style game to master, which is called ? Enjoy it online for free in your browser game for a brand new experience. The game puts you in the shoes of a little laser snake vying for its dominance in the massive arena full of enemy snakes directed by real human players. You have to wander around the map to explore all of its corners as you attempt to consume a bunch of food or even go destroy other players. With a lot of food eaten, your snake will get longer and bigger. If you defeat an enemy, you can absorb all of its food to increase your size even faster. To destroy the opponents, you should use your long body or set deadly traps to make them hit the border. Do not forget to activate the boost for your snake because it can totally move faster to catch prey or get away from dangers, but try not to do this much since the food will be lost and the size will become smaller. Your goal is to reach the top to dominate the arena!

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