LumberJack Simulator

Slither Publisher August 29, 2019
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How to play: Use WASD for the movement and click the left mouse to hit the trees with your axe.

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About LumberJack Simulator

LumberJack Simulator

In LumberJack Simulator unblocked, you become a woodcutter whose mission is to collect as much wood as possible by chopping down a lot of trees. You are armed with just a basic axe and you must use it to collect wood. Once the health of a tree reached 0, some amount of wood will be given to you, or you can even get some other special materials. With a good amount of wood, you can start selling it to get some money, then you can use the money to purchase axes. Whenever you cut down trees, you also earn yourself some XP too. In case if a certain rival is attempting to destroy or steal your tree, quickly partake in the battle and use your axe to destroy them before it’s too late. Remember to eat some food after the fight so you can heal your HP. You must prove that you are the best woodcutter with many fighting skills to become the winner of LumberJack Simulator game.

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