Slither Publisher September 4, 2019
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How to play: Use the mouse to control your snake, click the left mouse to move faster.

About new io game features 3D graphics and slither-style gameplay mechanics. Just prepare yourself and dive into the map full of slippery enemies. You are going to compete against them for building up your ultimate dominance. Take control your snake around the deadly pit full of enemies and try to pick up all pellets to increase your size. is basically the same as, so you will get used to this mechanic easily. You can follow new ways to kill enemies or use the common ones if you want, like making enemies crash into you, speeding up to cut them off, blocking their exits, etc. Once you have destroyed them, quickly devour their essence to grow your body even more. You have to exploit your tactics and strategies too. The goal of game is to become the most dangerous snake on the leaderboard. Jump into the Snaker game arena now!

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