Slither Publisher June 4, 2020
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How to play: For PC, use the mouse to move your fish, click and hold it to boost. For Mobile, first tap to direct your fish with a D-pad and second tap and hold to boost.

About unblocked is an ocean io game that makes you a dangerous marine monster. There are lots of ocean-themed io games released, and this title will bring you a great experience. Get your skills ready to compete against other marine monsters in a huge ocean then see if you can beat them all. The most interesting thing about free online is that it allows you to be a shark, a whale, or a dolphin. You make your way through the ocean collecting food to fuel your boost tank. On your way, try to kill enemies and eat their food to get more scores. As you get higher scores, your weapon will become longer, giving you a chance to kill others easily. Try to aim then stab the enemies while protecting yourself from their attacks. You will get a chain bonus if you kill the fishes with the same colored ring continuously. game features over 20 skins and some great weapons for you to pick from. You aim to become the top-ranked monster in this tittle. Have fun with it!

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