Uphill Rush 8

Slither Publisher November 23, 2021
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How to play: The vehicle will move forward on its own, so press the up arrow button to accelerate and the down arrow button to slow down

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About Uphill Rush 8

Uphill Rush 8

Uphill Rush series is back with the latest part called Uphill Rush 8. With improvements, along with the familiar gameplay at the pool will definitely make you feel excited.

Are you ready to return to the endless pool in Uphill Rush 8 unblocked? In this latest version, you can ride completely new objects to overcome a series of exciting levels. So, don’t just stop at the usual lifeboats, try dolphin rides, jets, wheels, boats, and more. Each object in the game has a different decoration to suit all user preferences. Of course, the amount that you have to spend to own them will also vary by many factors.

Play Uphill Rush 8 free online, the player’s task is simply to help the main character move to the destination safely. This means that there are quite a few obstacles appearing at each level and they are ready to prevent your movement. There are 4 important stats that you should upgrade to your vehicle to gain an advantage in each level. Those are Acceleration, Speed, Balance, and Boost. Therefore, each stat will bring a certain advantage to the player. The more you upgrade, the more money you have to spend.

In addition, this racing game online also owns many different characters to help players freely choose. They can be a handsome guy in a suit, a sexy bikini girl, a track athlete, or even a real mermaid. Remember that these characters are merely for fun. It’s not for you to increase your win rate like other means of transportation. Therefore, you should pay attention to owning powerful means of transportation before changing the appearance of the main character.

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