Slither Publisher October 29, 2020
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How to play: Use WASD for the movement, jump with the spacebar, use X for inventory, C to crouch, Shift to sprint, Tab to view the map. Left click to shoot, use items, or consume items. Right click or F to aim or change block placement mode.

About Voxiom.io


Voxiom.io puts you in a 3D battle where you have to mine and craft elements. Play it with new friends and see who will become the top-ranked winner!

The arena in Voxiom.io unblocked contains 100 players. They are in direct competition with each other, where they must prove their skills to survive. You spawn on an island waiting for the game to begin. Once the battle starts, quickly find items, for instance, guns, consumables, blocks, and shovels. These items are dispersed throughout the island in this io game, so you should equip yourself with them and make use of them to defeat others for a chance of winning. Don’t forget to mine resources as well as craft more items to power up yourself. Watch out for the toxic fog as it shrinks the battle island through overtime. Because of this, players will come closer together and kill each other to find the winner. Enjoy Voxiom.io online now!

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