FNF Suicide Mouse

Slither Publisher June 2, 2022
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How to play: Control the BF guy with the available arrow buttons

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Friday Night Funkin'

About FNF Suicide Mouse

FNF Suicide Mouse

FNF Suicide Mouse is a mod of FNF inspired by the meeting between the famous BF guy and Mickey Mouse. Together they will make great duets, will you join them?

The first change in FNF Suicide Mouse full week is that all the colors in the game become black and white. This is a very interesting detail, it helps this game bring a more classic feeling to players. Even the BF and GF guy is no exception, so spend time to get it.

Before meeting with Mickey to create duets, you will familiarize yourself with the songs on offer. This is when the tunes move pretty slowly so you can access them, so take advantage of this time to get a good score. Gradually, the speed of the notes will become faster with the appearance of Mickey.

There are many opinions that the difficulty version of this mod is at the top of the FNF skills versions. Therefore, you should choose Easy mode to be able to complete before thinking about trying harder levels. Don’t be too hasty, complete the tunes slowly with high accuracy to avoid losing points.

Of course, if you play Story mode then you will start everything at the basic level to the more difficult. This makes perfect sense for new players, but it will feel like a waste of time for more experienced players.

FNF Suicide Mouse V2 is also ready to bring you more new experiences. However, you should complete the challenges in the first version to better understand what this game is about. Take control of FNF Boyfriend and complete music competitions with Mickey Mouse now.

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